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December 8, 2008
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Reflections of Torture III: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

They succeeded in hiding the emerald in the one place that Don Turtelli or Boldini shouldn’t look for it. Namely, right back in the case where they stole it. It was the only thing they could do since the could no longer leave the museum.
“Now what?” Zach asked Caitlin. They made sure they were away from the room where they hid the emerald.
Before she could answer, however, a couple of rats rounded the corner and began to chatters.
“Ewwww, rats.” Caitlin yelled in disgust. One of the them suddenly left, but the other stood behind, staring at them.
“Something is not right with these rats.” Zach noted. He had a real uneasy feeling.
“Yeah, they’re rats.” Caitlin countered.
“They’re over there!” A male voice, which they didn’t recognize, yelled around the corner.
“Shoot, they found us!” Zach exclaimed as he grabbed Caitlin’s arms and pulled her as he ran. They had to hide until the turtles could get to them.
“You won’t get away this time, brats!” Turtelli yelled as he ran after them, but he was no match for the kids’ speed. The Rat King, however, had no problem catching the two. Before Zach or Caitlin could even blink, they were both in the arms of the Rat King.
“Mere human speed is no match for a rat.” The Rat King brag. He tighten his hold on the kids as they squirm, they weren’t going anywhere.
“Finally.” Boldini said out of breath. “I was getting tire chasing these two brats.” Turtelli was also at his wits ends as he approach the children. His face became even angry when he saw not emerald on either of them.
“Where is the emerald!?” He demanded.
Zach turned to the gangster with a hard look. “Hidden.”
“Where is it!?” Turtelli all but yelled.
“Like we’re tell you.” Caitlin declared as she stuck her tongue at him.
“Why you....” Turtelli growled. He had no time for this. They had to escape before the police find a way to break in.
“I have methods that can loosen their tongues.” Rat King offered. Zach and Caitlin stiffed when they heard that. Who knows what the Rat King would do to them. He could very well feed them to his rats.
Turtelli calmed down as he took several long breathes. “No need, I have my own methods.” He turned around. “Bring them into the lounge.” Rat King followed his order and began to carry the two into the other room.
Within moments, they were in a large lounge and were brought to a nearby wall with two purple chairs stood.
“Sit them down here.” Turtelli ordered. Doing what he was told, Rat King sat Zach and Caitlin were roughly dropped into their respected chairs. The Rat King stood in front of them in away that told them that they better not move.
“Boldini, do you still have some rope on you?” Turtelli questioned his cousin.
“Of course.” Boldini nodded as he pulled several length of rope from his jacket.
Turtelli smiled in approval. “Good, tire them up. You, afterall, make the best knots.”
“Okay.” Boldini said as he approached Zach.
“Stay away from me.” Zach said defensively.
“Be still.” Rat King ordered. “I have no problems harming kids.” Zach lowed his head in defeat and allowed Boldini to tire him up. In the span of a couple of minutes, both his hands were tired together and his legs were tired together from his thighs and ankles. He was effetely bond.
Boldini wasted no time doing the same to Caitlin, who didn’t even bother to fight back. Zach tested his ropes to find any weaknesses, but Boldini had tired a hard knot into each of his ropes. It would literally take a knife to get him free.
While Caitlin was being secure, Turtelli moved a foot stool to Zach’s legs and lifted them up into it. Once they were on the stood, Turtelli roughly removed both of his shoes and did the same with his socks.
Zach’s naked feet were now expose to the outside air, causing his toes to wiggle a little from the cool air. Following the example of his cousin, Boldini did the same to Caitlin. Both of them were now completely defensively to anything Turtelli could do to them.
Zach’s heart began to beat a little faster as he awaited his fate. He couldn’t allow Turtelli to get that emerald. As an honorary turtle, he had to protect it no matter what happen. He glanced at Caitlin and knew that she felt the same. They had to hold out until the turtles arrive.
“Okay you brats, tell me where the emerald is.” Turtelli demanded.
“You got our answer earlier.” Caitlin said coldly.
“Do you feel the same way?” Turtelli asked Zach.
“You’ll get nothing from us, you crook.” Zach answered.
Turtelli was not amuse as he stared at them coldly. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the long stiff feather that he always carried around. Zach knew what was about to happen and his toes curled and responds.
“Last chance, where is the emerald.” Turtelli warned. He wave the feather back and forward to tell them that he was serious.
Zach harden his determination and stared at Turtelli. “Never.” Caitlin nodded in agreement.
“Fine, which one wants it first?” Turtelli asked cruelly. Boldini turned his head slightly from the scene in front of him. He obviously didn’t want to watch was about to happen. The Rat King’s face was completely impassive. Neither Zach or Caitlin said a word.
Turtelli than turned towards Caitlin. “I guess I’ll start with you, blonde.” He said as he approached her. Caitlin took several breaths as she prepared herself.
Zach couldn’t allow that. What kind of turtle would he be if he allowed others to suffer. “Leave her alone!!?”
This stopped Turtelli and he turned to face Zach’s harden face. “You’re volunteering, boy. Well, fine with me.” He walked over to Zach and kneeled down in front of him. “You had your chance.”
Before Zach could prepare himself, Turtelli began to gently run the feather across his defenseless sole. Zach completely lost it and burst into laughter as the feather continued to caress his soft foot. He did several up and down strokes as Zach desolves deeper and deeper into hysteria.
This was much worst than he expected. He knew he was ticklish, but this was the first time he was ever completely defense against it. He could move his feet a little and wiggle his toes, but they were nowhere near enough to escape the torture tool.
This went on for several more seconds before Turtelli finally stopped, given Zach a quick breather.
“You brats are going to tell me where you stash that emerald is or you’ll be very sorry.” Turtelli proclaimed as he once again lowed the feather and began to tickle Zach’s right foot sending him once again into a fit of laughter.
“I...I’m already am.......sorry.” Zach stuttered as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. He really was sorry at that very moment. The tickling was already too much and Turtelli had been only tickling him for a few minutes. He began to feel tears build in his eyes as each stroke drove him crazy.
Turtelli ran the feather mercilessly all over the center of his helpless feet. He seemed to already zone in on all his hot spots and worked them over with absolute mastery.
Zach’s worst spot had always been the center of his foot, especially the arches. Whenever he was tickled there in the past, he would go nuts with laughter and kicked his attacker away. This time, however, there was no escape. He could only sit here and take it.
The feather also seemed to make thing even worst, if such a thing was possible. Although the tickling would start small, it would steadily build up over time, making each stroke even worst than the last.
Zach grasp slightly when he felt the feather tormenting his arches with slow and steady circles.
“Please......please stop.” Zach begged. He couldn’t help it, it tickle too much.
“Not until you tell me where the emerald is.” Turtelli said sternly, never stopping the torture.
Zach shook his head. “No....I....I won’t tell.” He manage to say as he laugh.
“Then, this won’t stop.” Turtelli said cruelly as he quicken the pace of his circles around the smooth arch, sending Zach into tears.
Zach was beginning to break under the torture, but he had to hang on. The turtles would save them he knew. He just had to hold on until they do and then they will beat Turtelli and the Rat King.
Turtelli switched evenly between the two feet, never letting up for a second. Zach laughed, grasp, and wither under the feather, but he refuse to break. Zach wasn’t sure how much time pass, but Turtelli finally stopped and he gracefully filled his lungs with air.
“Lets see if your girlfriend is more corporative.” Turtelli suddenly said as he went to Caitlin’s helpless feet and began to feather them.
Caitlin began to giggle and she struggle in her bonds. Unlike Zach, she tried to keep herself together by controlling her laughter.
“I won’t tell you anything!!” Caitlin yelled through her laughter as Turtelli began to run the feather across her toes causing them to clamp down with ever pass. Her toes were force to reopen, however, when Turtelli had the feather smoothly up her soles and the process began again.
Zach watched helplessly as his friend was being torture before his eyes. Zach pitied Caitlin, but at the same time, he was happy that Turtelli wasn’t doing those same tricks on him. Turtelli was truly a master at this kind of interrogation and knew that neither of them would last much longer if the turtles didn’t arrive soon.
Turtelli was now teasing the base of her toes and Caitlin melted under the stimulus. Her laughter all but double from him stroking that certain area. This was obviously her worst spot.
“Tell me where that emerald is and this will stop.” Turtelli demanded.
“No!” Caitlin yelled. She refuse to allow herself to give in.
Turtelli growled in annoyance. She was proven to be just as stubborn as a certain reporter he once torture. To this day, she is the only one he never broke. He refuse to allow that to happen again.
“Fine, then you boyfriend will suffer as well.” Turtelli said as he went back to Zach’s feet, promptly going for his arches with vigor.
Zach once again fall into deep laughter as the feather ran all over his worst spot. It was even worst than before and Zach could only laugh. He pulled on his hands and a vain attempt to free himself, but it did no good. His feet belong to Turtelli and he knew it.
He couldn’t break, his was a turtle. He had to be strong. Zach chatted to himself, but each stroke of the feather was proven too much for him. He toes began to wiggle from the cruel tickling and he lifted his feet slightly off the foot stool, trying to escape, even if it was for a moment.
Turtelli gave no such chance as he moved his feather along with Zach’s feet. This game kept up for several minutes as Zach’s laughter became louder and more frantic.
“Oh please........” Zach stuttered through his laughter. “ more.”
Turtelli stopped once again. “Then, tell us what you did with the emerald!” To drive his point across, he began to tickle Caitlin’s toes again, sending her into another fit of laughter.
Caitlin giggled and squirm in her bonds, but once the torture stopped, she stared coldly at Turtelli. “Never.” Her voice was firm and unmoving. Zach began to envy Caitlin’s conviction. Even though she had have her fair share of the torture, she still refuse to submit. Where was she drawing her will from?
“I can’t stand to watch.” The Rat King finally spoke up. Zach couldn’t tell if it was out of pity or just plain boredom. “I’m going to pick up some art.” He said as he left with his followers.
“We must hurry cousin before the police find a way to get in.” Boldini insisted. It was very obvious from his tone that it was not just the police that got him uneasy. Despite being a crook himself, he actually began to feel sorry for the kids. The had been tickle torture for almost an hour already.
Turtelli almost laughed. “The police will never get in.” He turned his attention back to the kids. “So, we have all the time in the world.” Zach paled when he heard this. He wasn’t sure he could take anymore.
“Tell me where the emerald is, now!” Turtelli demanded. He was serious now.
Zach attempted to shallow his fear and shook his head at the gangster. “Never you fiend!”
“Then suffer.” Turtelli stated as he ran the feather once again across his soles. Zach was once again submerged into a fit of hysteria and he bucked even harder in his seat.
The feather was gentle as it glided cruelly over his sensitive soles and he was unable to do a thing to stop it.
Turtelli seemed to have all but given up on Caitlin since he didn’t stop this time to tickle her. Zach realized in dismay and embarrassment that Turtelli had recognized him as the weakest one. Now, he would tickle him nonstop until he broke.
Zach almost wanted to cry for this revelation. What kind of turtle was he to be brought down by a simple feather to the point that the person he was trying to protect was seen as the strong one.
Even now, he could feel Caitlin’s eyes on him, unable to do anything to help him. Caitlin was now trying to find ways to help him. That wasn’t how things were suppose to work out.
“Tell me where that emerald is or this will never stop!” Turtelli’s cold voice cut through his thoughts. He glided the feather ruthlessly across his aches in a quick up and down motion.
Zach was at his wits end. The feather tormenting that part of his sole was simply too much. It didn’t help that the feather actually made his feet even more sensitive so the tickling was far worst than it was when if first began. He didn’t want to let the turtles down, but he just couldn’t take anymore.
Turtelli could see it in his face that he had won. He smirked as he gave a couple of more strokes for good measure and then stopped. Zach was still giggling for the tingling still left by the feather.
“Had enough?” Turtelli asked, although he knew the answer.
Zach continued to giggle as he answer. “Oh....oh alright. I’ll.....I’ll tell.”
“Where is it!!?” Boldini all but yelled.
Zach lowed his head in defeat as he told them where the hid the emerald. “I’m......I’m sorry turtles.” He thought in despair. He could only hope that the turtles can still find a way to catch Turtelli before he got away.
This is personally one of my favorite and the first tickling scene I had ever seen.
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Exllcent fic it one of my fave scenes
Zer098 Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Good write of a great scene.
can you write one about the episode from digimon with zoe and tommy
Ameymoo Dec 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you think you could make one from the one wear April and her co worker are tickled
I could never grow tired of that scene, and this story fits it quite well. Great work.

Timewizard-Remir Feb 4, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
If you need ideas for your reflection stories.
A likely candidate would be the digimon episode.
In which zoe and tommy are tickled by ranamon in the episode sock it takuya of season 4.

Hope that helps some.
EmSeeSquared Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, this is brilliant. i always loved this scene and the April scene, and to do a story soley )pun intented, hehe) based on it, with elaborations and getting into the characters' heads, was a stroke of genius! Only thing i'd change, tho, would be to type out their laughter, like "hehahahaha! oh please! hehahahaha! n-no--no more!", like that. I like that in tickle stories. but otherwise, wonderful job!
OMG I totally loved this story! I especially loved how you followed the TMNT episode exactly and added the "in between" parts that weren't shown!

You should do a story just like this for the other Don Turtelli episode, where April and Vernon get tickled. I would love to read it! :-)
Timewizard-Remir Dec 8, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
These stories do bring back quite a few memories for me.
i always tried to imagine what was going through their heads.
Thank you for bringing back some fond childhood memories for me. kudos
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