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Reflections of Torture II: Popeye

Olive backed away slowly from the giant brute that advanced steadily towards her. She wanted to stand up to him, but she knew that it would be futile. This man, Bluto she thinks his was, was so much stronger than her. From what she saw earlier, his strength rivaled or even surpassed Popeye’s. Something she never thought was possible.
“Keep away!” She ordered the bulky man, but he simply smile and walked even closer. His steps were purposely slow as he hung his arms out, as if ready to grab her. Olive could do nothing more but continue to move backwards. She could see that she was walking further away from the main part of the bridge, however, there was little she could do about it. The only escape route was being block by Bluto and it was impossible for her to even consider jumping to the next beam to the side of her.
“Keep your hands to yourself!” She attempted to order him again. Bluto just made a mocking growl and continue his slow walk. It was hopeless, she knew. Popeye was unable to save her, since he was tied by a large steel beam and Wimpy was too busy stuffing his face to even notice her. There was no one to help her and she was unable to save herself. All and all, it was a pitiful situation.
“Stop I say!” Olive all but yelled. She was really beginning to panic. There was no place for her to go.
Before she could think any further, she suddenly lost her balance. She realized in horror that she had reached the end of the bridge and she was going to die unless she grab something. Thankfully, she had enough time to react and was able to hang on to the edge of the bridge by using one of her feet. Thank goodness she had long feet. The one part of her body that she was always teased about had just saved her life. However, there was still the problem of Bluto, who was still above her. Olive hung there limply unable to pull herself up. She wonder bleakly if Bluto was going to push her off the bridge. In the position that she was in, there was very little she could do to stop him.
In that depressing though, she suddenly felt the sole of her shoe being removed.
“What the heck was he doing?” Olive thought. Her question was answered, unfortunately, when she felt Bluto’s finger running up and down her helpless sole. Her laughter immediately followed as Bluto increased the pressure of his strokes.
Olive laughed and squeal as she flailed helplessly in the air. She was super ticklish all over her body, but her feet were by far the worst. Having her sole completely defenseless to this vicious brute seemed to increase her sensitivity even more. Her feet were already very sensitive from being in her boots working all day.
The strokes were slow at first. Bluto would run a single finger down the sole of foot from her heel, down the center of her pale arch, to the balls of her foot, just stopping short of her toes. Each time he completed a stroke, he would stop to watch her toes curl and uncurl. Then he would do it again in a cruel clockwise pattern, which drove Olive absolutely nuts.
All Olive could do was laugh and squirm as the tickling took over every part of her mind. There was nothing she could do to stop it. She didn’t have the strength to lift herself up and if she let go she would fall. She was utterly trap and Bluto was taken full advantage of her helplessness as he continued to torture her poor sole.
After awhile, Bluto seemed to had become bored with the slow pattern he was using and decided to go for fast and furious strokes. Olive laughter increase even more as Bluto drove deeper into her foot, given her no breaks at all now. She tried to get her mind off the tickling by hitting her head several times with her own fist. She had hoped the pain would distract from the torture. The tickling was stronger, however, and her attempts prove to be completely useless.
What made Olive really frustrated was that Bluto was doing this for no reason, but to be cruel. All Popeye and her wanted to do in the first place was take the ferry across the lake, but this oversize bully had to be a jerk and overcharge all his customers. He was here to stop them from building a bridge that would had made crossing free to everyone. It was because of this ideal that she was being torture now.
Through her own laughter, she could hear Bluto laughing heartily at her misery. It seemed with every passing stroke Bluto was becoming even faster as he seemed to feed off her laughter. She wanted to beg him to stop, even if she knew that it would do nothing. However, she was laughing too hard to even form comprehensible words.
She wonder if he would ever stop. A part of her mind kept telling her that this couldn’t last forever, while another, stronger, part of her wonder if it already had. Time meant nothing to her now. All that exist, was the tickling. Until Bluto got tired, her sole was his to play with. Her thoughts fall deeper and deeper into that depress mindset as Bluto continued to stroke her sensitive arch with his evil finger.
Just when she was going to fully accept that she was in hell, the tickling suddenly stopped. Her mind froze as she wonder what had cause an end to her torture. She briefly looked up and saw her hero Popeye confronting Bluto. Olive almost wanted to scream in relief. In her ticklish agony she had completely forgotten about Popeye.
Bluto did not even had a chance to attack, before the beam they were on was flipped around by Popeye’s great strength. The flip caused Olive to be back on top of the bridge and Bluto to be hanging off of it by his hands.
Olive wasted no time getting her revenge on her former tormentor. She jumped up and down several times in an attempt to crush his hands. He was able to avoid several of her stomps, but she was eventually able to get him on both his hands and the cruel bully couldn’t hang on any longer. He was force to let go and fall some ways down the bridge into the water below. Once Bluto was gone, Popeye and Olive went back back to work on the steel bridge. For sure now, Olive would make sure that jerk was put out of business. No one tickles her feet and get away with it.
As many of you would know, this story is base the Popeye episode, Ship Ahoy. What you may not know is that there is a difference in the tickling scene between the original B/W version and the Color version that we have all seen. In the original B/W version, Bluto actually does tickles Olive in the manner that I described in the first part of the story. I have no idea why, but they changed it when they redrew it in color. I saw the B/W version twice before I even saw the mainstream Color version, so that is the one I am most fond of.
Shriek98 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
One time I was lying on the edge of a plat form a very beautyful woman wearing a flannel shirt she come up I was calling for help she came she put two feathers in her left shirt pocket she came to my feet get down on her nee's I felt my shoe's being removed and my socks she pull the feathers out of her pocket and tickles the soles of my feet flicking them up and down she know my feet ticklish she started with feathers the she use her finger nails that me laughing louder I can't do anything about it the plat form very thin then I slip ganging on my cafés legs that didn't stop her she was having fun tickling I know there's a trampaleen if I fall I would had a soft landing she tickling faster stories then I mannish to flip and hang by the top of my feet that didn't stop her she ly on her belly with her right hand holding her chin up her left hand tickle one foot one slipped off I was to much I let go landing on the trampaleen the end
Shriek98 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015
Another time after bluto destroyed the bridge that popeye and olive wimpy were building he and his men making a bridge haff way builded olive trespassing bluto saw her to make a long story short bluto remember tickling her foot olive slip a spot of oil slip off the beam landed on a long ply wood she on her back her head and shoulders off the end of the polite wood it was very slippery she falls off that's when Bluto want to have some fun told the helpers to go to take a break when he walk to olive he's wait shaking the ply wood get down to he's nee's used a peeler pull out of his shirt pocket and peel the soles of olive's boots she lying there bluto tickling her feet saying Coochie Coochie coooo she bust out laughing he strokes two fingers of each hand up and down her arches as her toe's Carl and uncurl when she try's to fight it he will go deep and go faster strokes driving her nuts popeye ate a can of spinsh to tell her let go I'll Catch you she did Bluto's guys and him went after popeye he knock them out tied them tied down had cats lick there feet hanging bottles of milk dripping on there feet cats love milk licking there feet got them laughing the end .
Shriek98 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
Anther time olive and popeye working at the bridge again when she keep an eye on bluto popeye was far away bluto had fun tickling her foot olive triped turn fall land on her back she's in danger she lying on a plank nail to the beam bluto went to her as the plank shakes she was afraid she will slip of her head and shoulders off the age of the plank bluto at her feet and smiled as he peal the soles of her boots and start tickling both feet she went nuts laughing she can't move if she dose she will fall as bluto's each finger from both hands tickle torture her feet she try's to fight the tickling by holding her breath if she move she will fall suddenly she slip a little she's hanging on her cafe legs that didn't stop the tickling she some how turn quickly to hang by her upper feet bluto ly down on his belly right hand holding his chin up as his left hand ticklng the feet that's when popeye saw her dangling bluto tickling her feet just when popeye went up to help her one foot slip off finely popeye eat his spinsh pop his face he went flying saved her the end
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