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Reflections of Torture I: Gummi Bears

“Oh, we have ways of making Gummi Bears talk.” Duke Igthorn grinned at the helpless bear, who was being held firmly by both her arms by two of his ogre lackeys. Grammi’s heart froze when she heard those words. She knew exactly what that evil duke had in mind. She struggled more violently against her captives, even though she knew it was in vain. Although these ogres were no smarter than a stone wall, their strength were unmatched in the entire forest.
Igthorn grin seem to grow larger on his face as he watch her struggle. He was enjoying this far too much.
“Take her to the dungeons.” He finally ordered as he pointed in a direction. The two ogres wasted no time carrying her across the damp darken castle to the place she knew that wouldn’t like. Grammi knew it was pointless to fight now, she allowed herself to carry down the hallway.
What every Igthorn had plan for her would be anything but kind. She had pulled an ingenious, if she do say so herself, trick on the arrogance duke that left him and several of his minions up in the air when they drank her slightly ‘modified’ Gummy Berry Juice. Her plan would had went perfectly if she hadn’t suddenly tripped and allowed herself to be recaptured. She really was getting old. Her failure to escape now left her at Igthorn’s utter mercy and since he knew for sure that she was untrustworthy, he would no doubt attempt to get the recipe from her by force.
They descended several flights of stairs before they finally made it to their destination. Her heart quicker to an unnatural pace as the door was open before her and she was carried in. Not far behind her the whole time was Igthorn, who was looking forward to this.
When Grammi looked around the place she was brought to, she saw a room full with devices and contraptions that she had never laid eyes on before. It had tables with straps attached to them and a tube full of water to name a few. Already, her imagination was coming up with horrible things they were going to do to her. Grammi knew that she couldn’t allow herself to think like this. She was a Gummi Bear after all and it was her duty to protect the secrets of the Gummi Berry Juice no matter what. With her resolve steel she stared right into the face of the evil duke, who was now standing in front of her.
"Hmmmm, maybe you’ll change your mind after a turn or two on the rack.” Igthorn seemed to contemplate as he pointed to a table that was standing vertically in front of one of the walls.
Her mind drew a blank when she heard the name, but she knew that it couldn’t be anything good. “What’s that?” Grammi asked with fear.
One of the ogres smile viciously at her. “It stretches people.” He said excitedly. “Like this.” The ogre suddenly grabbed the smallest of their clan, Igthorn’s second-in-command Toadie, and began to stretch him with the help of another ogre. Grammi quickly got the idea on what the ‘rack’ did. Igthorn seem unimpressed with the idea after a few seconds and turned to his opposite side where the large water tube sat.
“No, perhaps the dunking machine, guaranteed to soften a stubborn attitude.” Igthorn continued his lecture. Once again, Toadie was used as a demonstration for the torture device and was dunked into the water one time before being quickly let back up. Grammi’s courage began to wither away once again. Could she really stand this?
Igthorn seemed to sense her weakness and grin wolfishly at her. Grammi knew from that wicked look on his face that he just made up of his mind.
“No, I know the perfect way to make even the braveous bear crack.” Igthorn exclaimed proudly. Grammi knew her moment had come.
“Strap her down!” Igthorn ordered as he pointed to a table lying horizontal on the same wall as the rack. This one, however, was further down the left side. The ogres obediently carried her helpless to the table and laid her down. Before she could move, the ogres had strapped both her arms down on either side of her. She gave them a mean as look as she could muster as they moved down to her feet and strapped them down the same way they did her arms. She was now completely defenseless to whatever Igthorn was going to do to her. Grammi lifted up her head and waited for her interrogation to began. She hoped her will would be strong enough to hold out until she was rescue.
Igthorn had grab something, but she couldn’t see it since he hid it behind his back. That cocky smile never left his face as he slowly approached her. He was purposely making this slow.
“I found nothing is worst than.........” Igthorn purposely left out the last few words for several seconds. He had his eyes closed and his head turn as he let the silence hang there. He suddenly turned his face and open his eyes and revealed the object he had been hiding behind his back. “........the feather.”
The ogres in the room all grasped in fear and surprise when they saw the long red feather blowing gracefully from the breeze that was in the small room. As dumb as the ogres were, even they knew how cruel a tool the feather could be.
Grammi’s eyes grew wide in a panic when she saw the tool of torture. Of everything he chose, why that? Like all gummi’s, she was extremely ticklish. It would only take a couple of seconds with that feather to drive her absolutely nuts. Igthorn much had known this from the start. He had used the other suggested torture devices to weaken her will. He really was a cruel monster. Grammi’s stomach jumped when she saw Igthorn walk closer towards her.
“Oh no, not that!” Grammi couldn’t stop the beg that came out of her mouth at that instance. She couldn’t stand the thought of being tickle. Igthorn completely ignored the plea. He bent down until his face was only inches above her feet and began to slowly run the feather up and down her furry feet. Grammi lost it the moment the feather touched her and began to laugh uncontrollably.
“I won’t tell.” Grammi began to chant out loud to herself as the tickling increase. He could see Igthorn's grinning face as he ran the feather mercilessly up and down her left foot. Her laughter began to steadily increase as the sensation in her foot grew stronger and stronger.
“I would never tell.” Grammi chanted again in an attempt to control herself. She was slowly losing the battle as pure hysteria began to fill every part of her mind. She began to squirm helplessly in her bonds, unable to break free. After only a couple more seconds, it became too much.
“I.......I....I can’t stand it!” Grammi shouted as she laughed loudly. Igthorn smiled to himself and switch from her left foot to her right. Grammi’s laugher reached new volumes as she pulled even harder on the ropes that was fasten to her wrists. Her right foot was much more ticklish than her left and Igthorn had wasted no time take complete advantage of it. The feather flew even faster across the small foot. It soft strokes drove Grammi deeper and deeper into a fit of hysteria.
“STOP!!” Grammi screamed in laugher as the feather stroke the middle of her soles where a large light orange dot was. To a Gummi Bear, this spot on their feet were the most sensitive part and the feather was absolutely unbearable there. Igthorn didn’t let up for one moment and continued his vicious assault on the defenseless sole. He even began to focus exclusively on that spot in the middle of her sole, which drove her even crazier.
Soon, her thoughts became lost in sensation as the tickling grew steadily worst with every passing second. She couldn’t give in. She couldn’t betray her fellow Gummi Bear by telling Igthorn how to make proper Gummi Berry Juice. She had to hold out until her friends got here.
Igthorn began to make small swirls around the furry foot, teasing the area around the toes. He then began to circle the area around her spot, knowing that the procrastinate could be just as unbearable as actually tickling a high sensitive area. Grammi’s foot waved and moved around in vain to escape the torment. She knew, however, there was no escaping from her fate. She knew the tickling would only stop when she revealed the secret of Gummi Berry Juice.
She didn’t know how long this went on. It seemed like hours ago since this torture started. She just had to wait a little longer for the others. Then, the voice of doubt began to play in her head. What if the other Gummi Bear’s didn’t know that she was capture? She was taken hastily to the castle and didn’t have time to give the others a message. As far as she knew, they didn’t even know if she was here. And even if they did, could they really get pass all those ogres without Gummi Berry Juice? As much as she wanted to say yes, she knew the answer to be otherwise.
Her thoughts were interrupted again, when Igthorn once again began focus on her spot, causing her to nearly bunk off the table if she wasn’t so firmly strapped down. The feather moved faster than ever on that unbearable sensitive spot and she knew that she couldn’t last much longer. The tickling was just too much.
After another second or two of laughing hysterically, Grammi was finally able to find her voice. “SIX RED BERRIES!” She screamed through her laughter. “FOUR ORANGE ONES!” Though her screams she could hear Toadie saying something to Igthorn.
“She’s telling, she’s telling!” He cheered.
Igthorn turned to address him, but he never ceased his feathering. “Well, write it down.” He scowled.
Grammi almost wanted to growled in frustration. She was hoping that Igthorn may stop when he heard that little information and give her a chance to compose herself, but he wasn’t taken the bait. Igthorn wanted to make sure that she would not lie this time. She knew that she had no choice but to reveal the whole recipe.
When she wasn’t laughing, she manage to scream the rest of the recipe to Igthorn. In exchange, Igthorn lighten up a little on the tickling, but he never stopped. He still wouldn’t stop, however, when she told him everything she knew.
“Is that all?” Igthorn asked untrusting. He once again started to tickle her sensitive spot, causing her to squeal.
“Yes, that’s all!” Grammi yelled as she laughed nearly unmoving on the table. She no longer had the strength to fight. Her feet simply took each feathery stroke with no struggle.
Igthorn looked at her for moment, before he speed up his feathering again. “No missing berries this time?”
“Yes........yes.” Grammi laughed tiredly. “Gummi’s honor.” This seemed to satisfied Igthorn and at long last the tickling finally ceased. Grammi took several long breath as she attempted to wipe the tears from her eyes with her shoulder.
“It wouldn’t had come to this if you had cooperated the first time.” Igthorn said unsympathetic as he took the list from Toadie who wrote down the recipe. “Now, I will become king.” The ogres cheered in victory when the heard the exclaim.
Despite how tire she was, she gave a secret smile to herself. She hadn’t lied. She did tell him the correct recipe this time. She just failed to mention the three-step-stir. It wasn’t her fault that Igthorn didn’t bother to ask. Now, no matter what happen to her the Gummi Berry Juice recipe was safe.
This idea is base on when I was younger when I watched those old cartoons like TMNT, Popeye, Gummi Bears, and many more that I cannot think of at this moment. In all those tickling scenes in those cartoons I always wonder what was going though the ticklee's mind before, during, and after the tickling had occur.
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eternaldragonstear Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
Great job. ^^ Just wondering, are you going to do that one scene of the jungle book where king Louie gets in on his under arms? :)
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
I read what you said about to EmSeeSquared about preferring to stay in one character's head for a scene, Ramona, but perhaps you could consider sometime writing this scene again wholly from Sunni's POV? It would prove an interesting comparison, I think.

As for Seraphon, this scene sparked my whole interest in tickling in general. I was, like, 4 or 5 or so at the time! XD
EmSeeSquared Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very good work as usual!

there's only one thing i'd have done differently:
in the show, Sunni and Calla were watching the torture from a window, and Sunny was like "oh no, she'll give in for sure!". it would have been interesting in this story to cut over to that moment, and go inside Sunni's head, remember times she's been tickled in the past, pity Grammi's predicament, and such.
Ramona122003 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
Thank you for both of your comments, I am glad you like them. I try to stay in the character's head which is why their were no cuts to Sunni and Calla, although I would had love to had add them. I will do the April one in the future, so I hope to see you there.
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
I understand your reasons for not cutting away to the scene with Sunni and Calla watching in at the door, it would spoil the flow of this piece.

However, do you think that it may be possible in the future to write another version of this entirely from Sunni's point of view, where she recalls occasions she's been tickled, and maybe her own feet get all fidgety and tickly watching Grammi being tickle-tortured, and she has to struggle not to accidentally give them away
EmSeeSquared Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i look forward to it! April deserved more moments in that scene than the lousy 10 seconds she got, lol.
Seraphon Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
Totally awesome!

That one scene sparked my whole interest in furry tickling.

Lechensko Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful description of the scene!
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